Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

This is the anniversary of one of those days where everyone remembers where they were when they heard.

I was in the truck, taking mares to Dr Miles. I was by myself, and listening to the radio--and late as usual. I called to let him know, and he was already in the office. I asked him if he was listening and he was not--but his wife Candy had called to tell him. Neither of us had any idea at the time what was happening-we thought it was a freak accident.

By the time I pulled in his driveway, the second plane had hit and we were figuring it out as we worked. Who knew then that this would be a day that lived in infamy?

I always thought I would remember which mares I had, and I do not. It may have been the time Playmate cut her face open in the trailer and we had to staple it shut. Who knows? At that time, I was making every other day trips to see him, so there is no telling who it was---although I should try to figure it out, and then know what baby was being brewed at the time. Wow, I think it just came to me---Gypsy was part of that next foal crop, as I wanted to name her Shock and Awe, but someone beat me to it.

Anyway, as I drove back home after the appointment, in my rush to get to work, I called in to see if people knew--I guess I still did not get the magnitude of it. I talked to Janet who was reporting the goings on in the office. When I finally arrived at work, things were sort of morose, and eventually we were all given the chance to go home and watch the coverage as we had no television in the office. I went, as it seemed like history was unfolding. It was lonely though.

At that time, Barry was headed north to do some training, I think in Kansas City. He was up a tower when the news came out, and they ended up sending everyone home. I remember he paid $5-6/gallon to get home, and was outraged---

Every generation has their benchmark moments, and this was one for ours. I remember the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing the same way, and have heard my mom talk about where she was when she heard about President Kennedy being shot.

Where were you when you heard about the Twin Towers?


Holly said...

my internet was still dial-up at that point and I found out when a fellow member posted to the list that Washington had been attacked. My shift that day was 3-11. I got off the internet and waited for the phone to ring, but it didn't. I stood in front of the TV and .still. remember the horror. That we were no longer (though we never were, it just felt that way) invincible. I was so terrified that this was the beginning of something that would never end.

Shell said...

I was working. My younger sister was a flight attendant for American Airlines and was flying that day. We had no idea where she was or if she was still alive. Those were the worst hours of my life until we got the call that she was safe but stranded in Europe until air traffic was reinstated in the US.

I also had the realization that Holly did about our country not being invincible anymore.

Camille said...

We were pouring a slab for an insurance company. I was standing up on the back of a concrete mixer listening to my headset radio. After we heard about it, we noticed that there were NO planes in the all. It was pretty eerie. We couldn't stop to watch the news, but we saw more than enough later that night.

The Wife said...

I was getting ready for work and walked in front of the tv. Saw the first tower burning, then the second plane hit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I remember just the shock of it all as I sat there.

Jamik said...

I had just got in the car to head to work and heard it on the radio. At the time, I was running my Mom's furniture store, so we had a TV there. It was the most dreadful feeling and I was glued to the TV and could not turn it off. I will never forget.

Jamie said...

I was in my American Studies class. We were getting cable that day too and my mom and the cable person spent most of the afternoon watching coverage on all the news channels.

Anonymous said...

We were going to Bob Evans in Paducah to meet cousins going through from florida up to chicago. We live an hour away so we were preparing to leave and was about to turn off the kitchen TV when we saw saw first plane hit the building. Immediate thought---a bad accident. Left and radio stations down in the "country" are not available or good so no news.

Reached the restaurant and was "delighted" it was not too crowded and when met the cousin she came to me crying saying, what has happened to our country. Was speechless and we had Bob Evans to ourselves. However the employees had gone and got portable TV's and we continued to see it. Oh my! ! !

but ask Lorna about where she and Bill were during that time.

And my son off somewhere in the West too

Holly was correct----the fear of my family as well as my country.


Anonymous said...

But I have to follow up on something "I DID" during that time. I was a substitute at our little school and got the school to approve, kids involved, Woodman of the World Ins and we collected Teddy Bears.

I knew most of the people involved were not poor, but those children could not "cuddle" the insurance check or - - - - so I contacted a church in Ridgewood New Jersey, screened the teddy bears, sent them off with a letter of sympathy.

Somehow for me, the kids here and the kids there brought it home that THIS could happen anywhere and we must all PULL together and be Americans.

Sorry to be so long winded, but it fits the day


jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

I was sitting in my college freshman dorm room. I saw it on the news but I didn't really realize how big it was. My boyfriend at the time was like "Jen. This is huge. Remember everything b/c it will be an important day in history."

Anonymous said...

I was at school. We watched all day. Students' reactions were varied. I don't think most of them understood at first just how devastating the whole thing was. My son-in-law was flying a Black Hawk in Bosnia at the time, and, of course, everything was immediately grounded. Mandy was here in Mt. Vernon.
You're right, Paige, you never forget.
Love you,

Amanda said...

i was on Veteran's Memorial Drive in MTV on my way to work. As I pulled into the lot (just like you), the second plane was reported. I remember the paralysis I felt when we found out it was intentional and an act of terrorism. I sat in front of the tiny antenna, fuzzy TV at work and cried. I feared for Ed who was flying his Blackhawk on the largest Army post on the Eastern seaboard. And I remember praying. I talked to you a while later and mom at work. I remember sobbing while waiting for Ed to call. He finally did and reported that they had been grounded in the middle of the field and didn't know why.

Every moment of that morning is in my memory. And much of the next week. I wanted the TV to start showing ANYTHING else, but coverage.


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