Saturday, September 13, 2008

What are your sensitivities?

I honestly should have more than I do. But unbeknownst to me, I have softer spots than I thought.

Tonight I got a weird comment that was not at all personal, but has brought me to my knees,

Why is that? Why am I even more bothered by the fact that BS does not get it?


Jamie said...

I'm sorry you had a rough night girly. Sometimes people just suck pond sludge don't they?!

Jamie said...

You should stop over at my blog. I gave you a little "blog love" girly. I hope your weekend gets better for you.

Weird comments that aren't at all personal happen to me all the time. 9 times out of 10 they don't bother me but sometimes it just rubs me the wrong way and then I start thinking of that person as "pond sludge" until I work myself out of my funk. I'm weird that way. But then there are those times when you get those comments and they are said specifically to hurt you.

Anonymous said...

I hope the comment was pleasant or OK


Anonymous said...

Well, don't leave me hanging. What was it?
Love you too much,

Lorna said...

We are human and sometimes things said hit us where and when we don't expect...

Hang in there!

Holly said...

I am extremely sensitive to folks who question me on why I didn't get custody of the kids growing up. Like the judge thought I must not be a fit parent. What kind of mother doesn't get her kids? A junkie or a criminal?

I am also sensitive to those who question my priorities in life, like the perfect stranger who questioned why I have dogs but did not paint my house.....what he did not know was that I was busy spending time and money on horses to enjoy with the youngest daughter. And that time/money held us together when we hit a temporary bad spot in our relationship. Would outward appearances (painting the house?)have done that? Probably not.

I hope the rest of your weekend and week pick up, my cell is always on if you want to call.

Holly said...

You are bothered by BS not getting it because of the many people you know, he is one that is closest to you and he should get it.

Shelley said...

Wow, whatever the person said sure must have hit you hard. Is it possible there is more than one way to interpret the comment?
As for men...I have given up trying to figure that species out.

Paige said...

Actually, I know he did not mean it to hurt me--in fact, he could not even know that it would.

We were talking about having defects, and to put him at ease about his defect he was making fun of, I said "well wait till you see me in the morning" He said, "what, are you covered in third degree burns?"

I know he could not see me, as it was dark, and he did not mean it, but it still hurt to be considered the most disgusting thing he could think of.

And Barry does not get it

Sinjinn said...

I think we can take anything if the people we expect to be in our corner, at such times, are there for us either by omission of comment or by actually backing us up. When BS wasn't there to be your ballast, it was prolly like standing on the edge of an abyss instead of having the big tall tree at your back. People disappoint us at the worst times and shake us to our roots. Major Suckage...

Shell said...

I think sinjinn has a good point. Sometimes a man married to a strong woman (which I think you are) forgets she needs to lean on him at times. There are chinks in everyones armor and our partners need to be there to patch the holes for us.

Anonymous said...

BS doesn't SEE it or GET it cause he really DOESNT SEE you as someone else might.

He sees you as his pal, friend, wife, sexy gal, animal lover, partner in your home, and on "bike rides" and loves everyone of these "people"

Enjoy life with gusto Carol

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