Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daily update

TV fits in trailer perfectly. Life is good.

Last nite, I got into these tasty and good chicken sausages made with pineapple and bacon. They are so good broiled up plain that it makes me weep, I kid you not. I made two, and put the others back in the fridge. Then Barry showed up, and I told him he could have one, if he would put two more in the broiler. He did so, but left the others out. Because it makes him crazy when I remind him of things, like to put up the remaining two or three sausages, I did not do so. Any bets on what happened? Slater had a little snack. Damn him. I miss the good sausages already and I barely knew them. Of course, they are not to be had anywhere near me, but all the way in the metro east at the Sam's from which they came.

My trip tonight with Jenna is off, as she is ill again. So Rita and I are going to go--which means we can go to Dierbergs, a wonderful grocery store, as well. Woo hoo! Maybe they have delightful overprices sausages

All right, lunch time.....


Holly said...

you are making me hungry!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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