Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mail surprises

I got a card in the mail from the clinic we took Thor to. Now that is not so strange, I guess, considering I paid them 500 bucks for an hour, but they all wrote notes in it.

The techs wrote long notes, about his fort, and things we told them. They really listened to us.

I meant to and will send them a thank you note for taking care of him, but I guess this could go on for years like this--notes back and forth.

One day this week, I am GOING to come to work without crying about him.

Meanwhile. Linda's goose has gone completely blind. That is not undercover speak for something, she really has a goose that she has had for 18 years. And he went full on blind yesterday. She is sad. She tells Head to make him a special pen. Head resists. I suspect Head will be building a pen today, if I know him at all, which I do.

Feel better goose. And Linda. And commence hammering, Head


Holly said...

I too had a meltdown when I got a lovely card from the vet who euthanized my GSD. And again, when i got another card, from a friend who runs the cremetory and sent her ashes back. If you love them, it's just hard all the way around. But I wouldn't want to stumble my way through life without my animal friends either.

Garth Brooks "The Dance" : I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance

Jen @ J&J Acres said...

What a nice vet office you went to. Although I know you would've been just fine never getting a card from them. I'm so sorry that you lost Thor.

I agree- it's hard when you lose one, but living without them isn't an option either.

Anonymous said...

Evan down here in Tenn-------we got a card about our Rocky from our vet.

Felt good and nice in spite of - - - -


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