Thursday, September 4, 2008

Congrats Nikki and Peter!

I am a day late and a dollar short, but I got a phone call from Nikki, Barry's cousin last nite to tell me that she and Peter are getting married! I love Nikki, she was our flower girl when we got married, and we have always gotten along so well. It is amazing to me that she is all grown up and almost done with college and getting married, but I am so happy for her. We met Peter when they first started dating, and he seems a great match for her.

I stole this photo of them off of her facebook page--there is probably a rule against that. So sue me, it is what I have and I wanted to show how cute they are together and how beautiful she is.

The big day is January 3. I cannot wait. I must start stalking the registries!

Congrats you two, we could not be more happy for you!


Nichole said...

You have my permission to steal any photos of me you would like! I love this, Paige! Haha, you made a huge smile on my face. I love you and Barry! I'm looking forward to seeing you and your PJ's on January 3rd (hopefully sooner than that)...

... Thanks babe!

Paige said...

You just wait, I will show up in my best jammies and some good house shoes, and you will be so embarrassed in front of Peters family---they might as well know what they are getting into!

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