Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How I remember my boy

I keep running across pics of my baby boy Thor, which of course sets me off into a crying jag. Some of them make me laugh a bit though, which is a good thing. Mostly Thor did a lot of resting.

And that was true even if some actual person thought they should sit on his couch. This is Shelby, the neice. Thor was happy to share with her as long as she would love on him while they laid there. This is typical Thor.
This may be one of my favorite pics of him ever, and I just found it. He almost always had on a tragedy face and this is a good example of it.
This is another typical Thor look---a little out of sorts, with one ear up and one ear down.
This is my last pic of him, as I was saying goodbye before we put him to sleep. He had already had a good dose of torbugesic to relieve his pain, but he was still with us a little bit. Not as much as I really needed him to be in order to say goodbye, but I am sure it was best for him.
At least his last moments were cudddled up with me, and some good blankeys even if they were not his own personal blankets.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon was a wonderful place and Dr Izzo and her staff could not have been better to us.

My God do I miss him.


Funder said...

I am so sorry for you. :(

I love the goofy one ear up one ear down look! And the brokenhearted tragedy face. I'm sure he was hoping he'd get treats if he just looked sad enough.

I had to put one to sleep last November and I still cannot look at pictures of him. :(

Holly said...

I too am crying. What a very very good boy he was.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
Danes are so special. It has been 17 years since I had to put my sweet Goliath to sleep and I still miss that dog.

Anonymous said...

Memories abound and they can never be taken away. Time heals all.


Lorna said...

Damn, that tribute made me cry as well..

He was special and will always have a place in your heart.

Shannon said...

I lost my best friend at Hawthorne's too. *Hugs*

Paige said...

Shan, I am sorry---you don't mean recently do you?

Camille said...

I can tell how much you loved him. I am so sorry. He was a very special boy.

Shannon said...

No, not recently. But I still cry everytime I think about her. At least you got to be there with him. I was away at school and no one told me. That dog got me through my toughest days. Maybe she and Thor will meet up in doggie heaven. :). I hope so.

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