Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we go again

These nasty bastard coyotes are back. Madison spied this one from a distance as she rode tonight, and I went after him with my camera. I wish I had a gun. Not that I enjoy killing things, I hate the thought of it, but we cannot have this--especially one that had the audacity to settle down for a lay down in the grass as I was headed out to see him. BAD BAD coyote
He looks like a bobcat in this picture doesn't he? He is not. I do not know which is worse, but I guess if it was a bobcat that big and out in public during the day, I would be more scared.

I wish the pics were better, but I could not get too far out as Madison was loping Twister, and I had to stay on standby. These were taken from about 10-15 acres away, so no wonder they suck.

This dude better not have his buddies with him, nor had he better make any more day time appearances to me---I might have to elevate from complaining and threatening them to doing something about it.

I am such a bad ass


theCloth said...

Take him out!

*Sarah* said...

Yikes that would scare the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

He, She, It, they GOTTA GO! ! !

Get with it before- - - - - -


Sinjinn said...

I dunno, I'm not all too worried about coyotes as long as I'm not raising small animals. Usually they run alone, unlike wolves, and only have a bunch with them when they mate and have little ones.

Paige said...

Well this one is not alone...there were two or three of them. And he is ballsy, which concerns me---he would lay down right in front to fme, as I was approaching him.

I do not mind them as long as they stay away from the barns, and my babies. One of them must have been chasing horses behind the ponds as I saw one sneak back there, then heard yelling and running.

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