Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Signs signs everywhere signs--of recovery

One of my pastures got all jumbled up when we were gone one weekend, so I ended up with three mama/baby pairs in with the very old/skinny mares that were on their tryout to stay on the top side of Earth. Since it was no big deal, really, as they were all eating the same thing in the same amount, and because we were so busy, they have stayed there. I have been so busy, I have not been there at picture taking time--since Barry is out of town, I now have no choice and that led to some great discoveries.Diablo is fat as a tick--which is her normal state, but usually by weaning time, she is showing a touch of rib. Not this year--look at that insanity! She is about 3.5 months in foal to Highlight Cat.
Gyro is just one big sister. BIG sister. She is not in foal, I am saving her back as part of the cutting down on breeding plan and because I love riding her so much, I want her back. The condition she is in, I will have to put two girth straps together to get around her.

This is the exciting part for me though. I agonize over my old mares every year, but never so much as I have this year. This is the first year that good pasture did not fatten them up and keep them there. Three weeks or so ago, maybe a month, I was ready to make the decision to put down Lucky, Nita and potentially Playmate--and that last one was just killing me, as she is still a hell of a ride. Her weight issues scared me and I thought maybe she was just done at 27. After all, you cannot slap a saddle on one with their spine sticking out. I decided to try one last thing and if they rallied, I would know they were in and wanted to keep living.

I am so superstitious, I am a believer in signs, and karma, and waiting for God to tell me what to do. It is normally so easy to know the right thing. This decision was not easy, and not because I did not want to put them down. I did not WANT to of course, but I CAN do it if I know it is the right thing. And when I do it, it is okay, as I know I have given them relief. It is rare for me to just not know which way to turn. And I really did not know what to do with these three--every time I would think I knew, something would change my mind---literally from day to day.

In the photo above, that is Diablo on the left, Playmate in the middle and Lucky on the right. Lucky is still too thin, but she looks good for her, and Play is borderline FAT!

Look at that belly sticking out on either side. You can see a little bit of bone at her pelvis, but not anywhere else. Now granted, standing near Gyro the Gynormous does not make her look so filled out, but she really is.
Is that amazing or what? Just look at her. She could go work a cow in a heartbeat if we would let her (and maybe I will).

Even Nita has come back amazingly well. For those who are not used to seeing her, she is one swaybacked sister-yes, I know that--having a kajillion babies will do that to you. She had two for me, her youngest is 6 years old, Gypsy. She produced cutter after cutter and now even her granddaughters are doing the same thing. Nita is 27 now.

A month ago, I swear to you, I could see every bone in her body, but she still had a belly. I wanted to cry when I looked at her. It seemed to happen over night, but of course it did not--I just refused to see it, I think. These old ladies mean so much to me, it is hard to explain how I see them as they were, and not necessarily as they are right this minute.
I hesitated to post the side shot, as it shows her back in all its glory, but hey- this is who she is. And it shows how much weight she has put on
This photo sucks, but it shows how even her chest has come back--and it was almost non- existent a month ago.

Maybe that stupid coyote was there so I would track him with the camera, and have to walk back--giving me time to actually see what they are looking like instead of zooming bye on the Gator dumping grain as I do, in too big of a hurry to appreciate it. Maybe all the rain we got this year that made such a difference lately to our grass production was to sent to help me see what happens when you do not make rash decisions.

What a batch of nice signs I got tonight


hooves said...

I hate to tell you this, but you are clearly delusional at times. Those horses are all too fat and even the one that you say is still a bit skinny looks great! I wish all of my abusers took how their horses look as seriously as you do. hooves

Jamie said...

Don't give up on 'em just yet. It's been a rough year all around and they are starting to look really good. One of the members of our church had a horse that lived to be 30+ years old so 27 is old but if they stay in good condition they've got some years left in them.

Paige said...

You know pics put some weight on them, but I am THRILLED! On the ond ones, you nkow how fast they drop in the winter, so this is a good way to start.

Lucky is still too thin--you can see every rib and her pelvic bones, and her tailhead---she is s tough one, which is odd as she is the youngest of the old folks.

It is amazing how something like that can weigh on you for so long that you do not think you feel it--then when you see it is getting better, it feels like I can fly.

Paige said...

I am hanging in there Jamie--it was the getting them back to good condition that worried me--I expect winter to be rough on them, but summer should not have been.

GRandpa is my oldest at 28 and he is still too thin--but his arthritis needs him to be a little lite. then there are 2- 27 year olds, a 26 year old and lucky at 24 looks the oldest.

It is a fine line between wanting to WIN, by keeping them alive and doing what it right by them---

{i}Post said...

Wow! This is all so over my head. My Clydesdale and my Walker are both about just right according to the vet. I don't know what I would do if they had weight issues...I just don't have enough background. They all look beautiful to me! I obviously need to keep reading your blog to get an education!

Paige said...

Well you know how it is--what you do not know, you damn sure learn when it comes up--or else! With 45 horses, a lot comes up, so we just learn it--I am so fortunate to have good people to advise me when I am not sure. I am not afraid to use them either!

I do not know that anyone learns much around here other than just how absurd one person's life can be

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