Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boogie gets ready for his big adventure

Boogie has been turned out since I last was posting about him--when was that, just before Labor Day? So almost four weeks. It has done WONDERS for him. He is not quite back to his old self, but I see more of the real Boogie than the nervous wreck Boogie I did have. It is a huge relief. And look, he is growing a little bit of a butt!
In preparation for Stage 2 of his education, he got his feet trimmed after work tonight. I am so lucky that I can count on Marvin the Magnificent to help me out when I need him, even if it is on short notice--after all, it is not like he can just drive himself over at the drop of a hat. He has to get a ride, or I have to go get him, or something. Today, he ran over after I got off work and was in and out in 20 minutes.

Boogie was a perfect gentleman.

Now that he is all dressed up and ready, he is going to go over to my friend Jackie's where they are going to re-visit things that he should know how to do, and more than anything work on his mental state so that he can handle his education without being terrified. Jackie is a dressage person, so surely she will take much ribbing from her barn about the midget cowhorse, but she is tough--she can take it. I hope!

Stay tuned for Boogie developments, I have got a bit of a soft spot for him after seeing how unhappy he has been.


Jamie said...

Boogie is a good looking boy. I hope "he" can get whatever is messing with his mind figured out so his education can proceed.

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