Thursday, September 25, 2008

The big switch

I think we have actively been putting this off--the switching of the horse trailers. On the one hand, it makes sense for a few reasons that we have not-one being that we will use the old trailer as our regular running trailer, as it is foolish to wag that new big thing everywhere. We also use that tackroom ( in the old trailer) as our main tackroom--silly since we have decent size tack rooms at both locations, but that is what we do. We do most of our riding elsewhere, so it is easiest to just keep the stuff we are actively using in the trailer, instead of getting somewhere and finding that Barry has two saddles and I have none, or there is not a suitable headstall for someone in the jumble that is the old tackroom.

Have I ever mentioned though how MUCH I hate that old tackroom? So much crap is jammed in there, I would not be surprised if a pack of midget clowns started tumbling out like it is a damn clown car, I am not kidding you. I will not even tell you how embarrassing it is to have a bunch of crushed beer cans tumble out in front of people you do not know. For real, that is up there in the humiliation factor.

But reliance on the old trailer tack room has to stop. We have decided to go to an AQHA ride this weekend, so obviously we want to take the new big trailer. Which means we had to break down and move the stuff in. I had no idea this would lead to such discord in the marriage.We have conflicting priorities in this thing.

I have a soft spot for the new tackroom. I LOVE it, for a few reasons, but the main one is that I can actually reach the bridle hooks! I could not in the other one without crawling up in there like I was robbing the place, and inevitably getting hung up in something or dragging something unwanted out on top of myself. It is also bigger, so I do not feel trapped when I am trying to find something. Because I love it so much and want it to stay nice, I was very particular about what Barry put in there. Heck, I was even irritated that the generator has to live in there!

There are four saddle racks, but only three are installed right now, which is fine for this weekend, since we are going by ourselves, so three saddles will suffice. There are only four bridle holders in the door, which would be fine for normal people, but I have a jillion. And they might as well be in there--heck some even still have tags on them!

Simple solution for me--put the extras in the mid-tack! As well as the lead ropes, halters, etc

That is not as easy one would think, because evidently Barry feels about the mid-tack as I do about the rear tack. He does not want my stuff junking up his mid-tack room. If you thought I was nuts shopping for comforters, and dishes, etc, you should see him bungee-ing up stuff in the midtack. Lord have mercy, he is like a new bride.

See the problem? There are more than 20 bridle hooks in his midtack, and even I will admit that I do not need to haul around more than 20 headstalls. That is excessive even for me. But 10 is reasonable. Or even 8. I mean, you never know what you will need, right? And you sure have to have some lead ropes, right? You can never have too many of them. I am being reasonable, but there ought to be at least 5 of them since we can haul 5 horses--and, yes I know, they will likely get in the trailer with one having lead them there, but you cannot be sure at our joint.

Plus, there are only three blanket bars, maybe 4, in the rear tack room--and we definitely have to carry more than that, as we quite often sweat up an entire set of them and they are not dry by the next time to ride--so we need a full second set. Plus, folks like Twist use more than one at a time, cuz he is so special and all. Plus, we have trail riding pads that are thick cushy things, and then we have the performance ones like the one Barry will probably be buried with and my Impact Gel, etc. And we sure cannot leave those around the farm, or cats will lay on them--I do not think so. The last obstacle I need in my riding evolution is to be sneezing while I trot--I have enough problems.

This means I need to order a swing out blanket bar to be permanently installed in the mid-tack--but until then, we can use a hanging blanket rack that we can take out and use to dry them when we are camping.

When I suggested putting that in the mid-tack--which after all is for TACK, not bicycles like he thinks it is--you would have thought I had suggested birthing his first born and sacrificing it.

I can tell this is not going to be as easy as one might think.


Holly said...

Got to say you do have a lot of tack. I have multiple halters as the mares get them filthy, but we only have 2 bridles each and one saddle each. Court does have a thing for saddle pads though, and would collect them if they were not $40-50 apiece. Probably when she is older and has enough money she will.

Paige said...

I love to buy crazy looking saddle pads. Love it. I can never find just the right orange one that I know would look pretty on Twist.

Evidently this year I am heavy into turquoise--it looks so pretty on the red duns.

I am a dork.

I think I buy tack like I buy food--never one at a time, but in 3s or so.

Except halters and leads which I buy by the dozen and still can never find the damn things when I need thm

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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