Saturday, August 16, 2008

A wildlife break

I realize I should not admit this, but I am going to---after work, while I should have been home getting ready for Barry's family to arrive, I ran by Jenna's to have a drink and collect myself. It was a perfect fall afternoon, which is always welcome mid-August when it is normally 100 degrees.

I had much to do and was in a huge hurry so we cracked a few cold ones on the back porch and ran through the details on one issue each. I had the in-laws coming in and she has some business organization issues to hammer out.

I forget how nice it is to have someone to listen, someone who gets the shorthand and you do not have to explain things to in order to feel like they get your talk--it really is nice

While we sat there , a little buck came through the yard. I whined about the stupidity of leaving my camera in the car, but recognizing I had 24 total minutes to play, what could be done? Next thing I knew, here came a doe. Dang that is frustrating, although I see deer every day and they are mostly a menace, they are so pretty.
When two spotted fawns showed up, I got up and fetched the camera. They are such beautiful animals. I just loved them and got so tickled when I realized that most of the pics were taken on the basketball court at their house. That was just so silly, I thought

Before I left, I got some shots of Andy-cat, the most angry hateful sneaky cat ever to walk the Earth. He many look nice here but had I not left so quickly, he would have bit me. That is what he does


Holly said...

those are VERY good photos Paige!

and that mean cat is why I will ever own a Frosty kitten. I don't want a hateful cat with 16 pointy bits to back up the hateful part

Holly said...

well I must have been tired...

that should have read "only ever own" a frosty kitten....

Jamie said...

Great photo's! My aunt used to have a cat like Frosty. He only bit me once. I bit him back (I was really young at the time) and he never did it again.

Paige said...

That cat is the devil, in so many ways. He did almost look sweet sleeping on teh porch listening to us could see his little pink foot pads.

I left before he could decide to attack me.

Im no fool

Robin Sallie said...

Ha! i bet you never leave you camera in the car again.

I love the deer photos!

The cat photo is a nice job too. Where you down on your belly?

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