Friday, August 15, 2008

Sly's photo session

I love taking pics of Sly. He is such a ham for the camera, and is almost always up for showing off. Part of the year though he is too skinny, from breeding, and part of the year he is fat as a tick and looks like he waddles when he moves. What that means is that there is a small part of the year when I can actually get decent shots of him.
To celebrate that he is putting his weight back on, even if he is way out of shape, we took some pics the other day. Because I am lazy, I dug out a rope halter that was stuck in the barn somewhere, so even though there are some great headshots, they are botched up by the use of a bad halter that is tied super loose. I do not care, I just love looking at him.

It probably would not have killed me to brush his hair, would it? He hates having it look nice though and will shake it out every time. And besides, if I did that, people would expect me to put a decent halter on him.

Here he is being silly--it killed him to have us take pics of Fonzie and not him, even though he had already had his time.
My photog help--best handler I have ever had for taking pics.

He sure looks like a wild and out of control stallion, doesn't he?


Holly said...

well ya know.....stallions are not to be trusted.....tongue firmly in cheek.

she's a good kid, that Madison.

Anonymous said...

What a pair! ! ! !


Jamik said...

He has the cutest face. Ahem..... I mean handsome. For God's sake, don't tell him I said he was cute.

Camille said...

Very nice pics :)

Lazy A Ranch said...

The last one is the best one. What a guy...hamming it up with a pretty girl on his side.

Paige said...

Funny you should say that--the whole time I was talking to him to try to get his ears up, I was making comments about how lucky he is to have such a pretty friend

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