Friday, August 15, 2008

This would so happen to me

I saw a friend at lunch and heard the most fascinating thing. Yes I realize this is not that funny to real parents but it is hysterical to me.

She has a 3 1/2 year old son. He has been suspended from day care for a week. Not only does he beat up the other kids in his class, they moved him up to another class with bigger kids and he beat them up too.

On top of that, he told the teacher to "shut up, you f%*&)#!", among other things.

Now he is home with great-grandma for the week, and his mother is humiliated.

Bad bad bad boy.

If I had kids, this would happen to me!


the Albino Bowler said...

Hey nice blog. I see you are a horse lover. I'm just finishing a funny post about horses. It's called "The Shoecake Game" and I'll drop it on the Kangaroo Rodeo late tonight. Check it out.
Hope to chat with you soon...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to guess who the kid was; small pool to choose from. I really enjoyed watching the Olympics with you last night. It was like when you were little and wanted to watch all the gymnastics, diving, and swimming. Poor Mandy could never last, would soon fall asleep in the floor, Dad would pick her up, and she'd pick imaginery cotton on her way to bed.
Love you too much,

*Sarah* said...

haha oh my, that is pretty funny even though it is so bad

p.s. I love the new name, malfunction junction

hooves said...

Even though I have family problems with my mom and aunt, this type of story is the main reason I took early retirement from teaching school and decided not to go back this year. We have three kindergarten classes at my school and there was atleast one "out of control" child in each class. This year there are children coming in from Pre-K and there are supposedly some really bad actors! I loved my students, but I really prefer horses, dogs, and cats. hooves

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

OH MY Gosh! To funny!

And am so glad this never happened to ME! lol

Camille said...

Nah, your kid would not act that way because you would not let them get that out of control.

I don't have kids because I would be in jail.....

Paige said...

Ha- Camille-- the best part of the weekend with the neice and nephew was when they let fly with the foulest words ever inthe swimming pool when no one else was around.

I know better, but that absolutely killed me. I could not help it.

It actually gave them some personality that I did not dislike.

When they said goodbye, the boy child hugged me and said "Bye bitch". I almost peed.

I know, it is awful

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