Monday, August 18, 2008

An amalgamation of crap

What a weekend--from which I am not fully recovered yet, so do not have the strength to blog about it all yet. Stay tuned though, it will probably be a comedy when I get to it

The highlights (lowlights?) are that Barry's family was here (mom, brother, niece and nephew), Madison learned to lope and spent Saturday in the pool and out to dinner with us, Barry took his first involuntary dismount of the new millenium off of the wonder horse and now thinks the world has stopped turning, I paid FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS to have the house cleaned, I got to see Lorna and Bree for lunch yesterday and had some smoked brisket at Mike and Jenna's last nite while we watched some 'Lympics, I may or may not have cured the runs that Thor has had all weekend.......

See how much you have to look forward to? And of course, some awesome photos to go with


Holly said...

Paige said...

Oh my? That is all you have got?

For real?

The Wife said...

I've got a HOLY CRAP, $430 to clean your house!!!! Do you live in a mansion? A ginormous plantation home? Did they scrub your toilets with gold wire brushes?

Paige said...

Nope, not a mansion at all--decent size, but there are no kids here, just me and the man. And 4 great danes. Which I realize are dirty.

This is a new cleaning lady, so 120 bucks of that was supplies. Then she stopped by 5 out of 7 days to spend a little time getting it whipped into shape---so it ended up being 310 bucks of labor. Is that appalling or what? 15.5 hours.

She comes back this Thursday, to start the regular every other Thursday business, but if this happens again, I am going to have a STROKE

Anonymous said...

Is "crapola" appropriate for here now?

Like everything--"something new" almost always costs more in the beginning ssssoooooooooooooo! ! she will get cheaper by the hour----hopefully or dozen

But not sure about the Tweeter-e-dee! ! ! ! Jury still out.

and Nastia is awesome, graceful and beautiful.

Enjoy Carol

Camille said...

Ouch is all I have. I have started throwing stuff out so we can remodel the house for the move. I bet I don't have enough money to hire someone...sheesh!

Lorna said...

Yikes - that's a ton for house cleaning.. Hope she's as good as the charges!

It was great to see the babies and little man Boce - and of course, you and BS too - Hope he is feeling better!

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