Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The sick ward

around here has an ever changing population, but this one is very bad. The Gator has lost its steering. It went slap out yesterday while Madison was feeding.

Although he is getting much better, Barry is not of the mechanically minded set. I am on a mission though to figure it out and get the part ordered, as I cannot possibly be without wheels on the farm--that Gator was the best purchase we ever made!

Please pray for her, she needs some divine intervention.


Lorna said...

Dang, first the tractor, the mower and now the gator - this is your #3 - you should be done after this...

Paige said...

I am pretty sure that the Rule of 3s does not appyl to me

Cuz if it does, I am way over. The mower breaks every week in some way, the guts fell out of the big bushhog....

Holly said...

another Paige-aster! You sure seem to have some kinda trouble when it comes to things with wheels!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say this morning! ! ! !

Rule # 3 should apply. course you are not playing "baseball"

Sigh Carol

Lazy A Ranch said...

When mine was down, it was horrible, I rely on it so much for everything.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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