Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gypsy gets mixed up

But this is not her baby. I doubt she has noticed, but that is a Aries' son, Reno.
I do not know what set her off but she kept doing laps around me, dragging babies with her, bucking and farting and kicking like a fruit loop---more than once I heard a horrible snap, and was sure she had made contact with one of the babies, but everyone came out of it sound.
She already has a round little tummy, even though she is only three months pregnant by now. Nursing is starting to draw her down, but I am going to let her keep her baby a few more weeks at least. I will probably do her and Aries at the same time, since their babies were born the same day. Shiloh is the more independent of the two so it will be interesting to see how that goes--you never know with the maiden mamas.
That is the right one--she must have realized she had them mixed up and took her own baby back.
I think that is her hiding behind Gypsy on this pass.

I love watching these two, and I guess I will never tire of trying to get a decent picture of her. It is sure a challenge though. Further complicating the matter is that with the Gator broken, it is too much trouble to go take pics in other pastures--so I will just keep snapping away at the same thing, I guess.


Lazy A Ranch said...

She does look in foal already. How tall is she?

Paige said...

Just a hair over 14 hands. Good thing you do not measure them at the hips, or I would have to do both sides to account for her unevenness from teh pelvis injury. It really has evened out and you can barely see a difference now-- I think you would have to know to look for it.

Isn't it sad how she bleaches from such a beautiful dark shade to this mess?

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