Monday, August 18, 2008

She lopes!

Let's pretend this photo is in her twice because I meant to do it since it is my favorite one. That is not what happened, but that is the story I am going with today.
Sunday was Madison's first ride on Twister the Wonder Horse, and the first time she has loped one of mine. Jackie notice the boots---one step down at least, huh?
See same pic again! Actually this is a good shot of Twist's first step, it is always a bit of a launch. I have to warn people that he is not really bucking this early on, he just drops his butt down and pushes off hard at first.
Madison had a ball. She makes the funniest faces when she is riding, she concentrates so hard, but sometimes a laugh falls out. I know how she feels when she does that.

Since Blogger is jacking me up on other pics, I am going to protest by quitting this post right now!


Holly said...

blogger won't let me upload either.

and I have some good photos tonight.....

Looks like she's getting to be a real cowgirl. Good for her!

Holly said...

he has some lift there taking off doesn't he?

hooves said...

Well "Shit Jimmy" I didn't know that Twister really knew how to canter. He is always plodding along at the back on trailrides. Perhaps, he likes Madison more than you or Rita? Nice to see a girl happy! hooves

Jamie said...

Blogger hasn't been letting me upload for a while either. That and my computer is being dumb too. Those are some really great photos though!

Paige said...

Ain't that something Linda? He for sure likes the lighter weight riders and is always happy with them--he did give her a few crow hops, but you know how he can be-he likes to be argumentative sometimes.

That is why BS got on him and promptly got pitched on his ass. Now Twist has an appointment with am agic laser muscle guru on Friday, as I have long thought he might have an issue going on in there.

MicBel QH said...

blogger is having some issues, it's hit and miss on saving templates too. They changed some things and now they have bugs. Someone find the bug spray!

Camille said...

He is a nice horse. I hope he doesn't have anything big wrong.

Paige said...

Me too, but the best news is that Jodi came through with her connections to get me hooked up with the healer on Friday.

I cannot wait.

I bet he is just out of whack and has been for years--this dude is a start to see where the problem is--or if it is in his head, like Dr Miles says

Lorna said...

I hope Twist feels better after his appt on Friday - poor boy!

Madison sure looks like she is enjoying herself! Nothing like a horse happy kid!

Robin Sallie said...

Tayja loves the photos of Madison riding. And she thinks Twister is the prettiest horse she has ever seen. I gotta find her some riding lessons.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Madison is a beautiful girl, she looks so grown up in these pictures. Good action shots.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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