Monday, August 18, 2008

2004 was a great foal crop for us

Since I ran across Rummy, I thought I would pull the records on the others as well. I know how well Hyde is doing, and I know Magnum/Dezy has been winning in NRCHA events. I did not know that he was also showing in both Open Cowhorse and Open Reining in AQHA shows this year as well, but he has been. Here is to finally breaking through and getting the payoff they want to see from him.

Another one from that foal crop is Square Baby (I think she is 2004), who is doing really well in Texas trying to cook the next generation of winners. Genuine Appeal is well on her way to that too, having foaled a Wimpy's Little Step for her owners this year (assuming all went well on that).

The only Slybaby from that crop, our first ever, is now with a little girl and they are learning the ropes together.

I can be pretty content with those kind of results.


Anonymous said...

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Camille said...

It is nice to look back on those babies! You guys have sure made some nice ones.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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