Saturday, August 9, 2008

How I am not the craziest one

In my little world--not even close. I have a friend, Linda, who is the guru of all "needs help" wildlife. Just when you think there is an animal she has not had recuperating from some trauma in the bathroom ( I mean, they are IN the bathroom, not that they had a trauma IN the bathroom), she ends up with one of those too. Sometimes, she ends up with two.

These precious babies lost their mother to an unfortunate tractor accident, and is often the case, the AC officer asked for Linda's help. She claims she tries not to get involved in these situations, but how can you blame her when they are so precious?
These last three pictures are taken in the horse trailer. Why are the deer in the horse trailer, you ask? Because they had the misfortune of being orphaned just before the Nine Day Ride---an adventure they never miss. So the deer had to go too.

The back of the horse trailer is not any more foreign to strange visitors than is their spare bathroom. Last year (and most years actually) Melvin the rabbit was in there, with a fan, and she entertained Bocephus the baby pig when I came down for a couple days.

I have had these pics for a while, but kept forgetting to post them. I am so glad I remembered.

Are these babies precious or what?


hooves said...

The little darlings were taken to a wildlife rehabber in Coles Co. on Monday. I miss them, but know that they will be better off in the wild. hooves

Paige said...

I figured they must have gone to the rehab place by now--they are so cute.

How much do you think they weighed?

Holly said...

they are cute, but I am glad it was her and not me! I sure do not need any more people or animals to clean up after!

*Sarah* said...

Deer are so damn pretty, I just love them. And of course baby anything is adorable, so baby deer is a definite win.

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