Monday, August 25, 2008

He lives!

The A/C man called at 8:38 am and said he was on his way. He did not answer me about where he had been all weekend while I was sweltering in hell. I guess he does not think I am funny.

I headed to work, with Tequila tucked safely in bed and everyone else in their regular areas. I was not even to town yet when he called me and said we had an issue. I could tell he was for sure going to say I had to have a new A/C unit--but nope, that was not it.

He had gotten his tools out and set them on the A/C. He then went in the back door to check out something with the thermostat and when he came back out, Simba and Slater (those big dogs, he says) were checking out his tools. Evidently, there was some thievery. While A/C man is not scared of the big dogs, he did not want to stick his hand in Slater's mouth to remove whatever he had stolen, so he suggested I come back and give them a little talking to about not taking other people's tools.

I turned around and did just that. Slater said he had not taken his tools, however, they were on the back porch with slobber on them. While Slater acted as if he did not know what I was talking about, I know he is a clepto.

I returned the tools to A/C man, put the beasts in the house and came to work.

I still have no word on the A/C but no news is probably good news, right?


Funder said...

Paige, I think I have giggled at every single thing you've posted this week. (Except about Twister - that just made me d'awwwww!) Great Thieving Danes today. What will tomorrow bring?! You do live in a world of very funny Paige-asters.

*Sarah* said...

haha oh my that's funny, silly dogs

Holly said...

giggle. I cannot imagine that Slater would do such a thing (eyes slide away).

I am glad you have your AC back.

Anonymous said...

just a silly thought! Do the "big dogs" like the hot hot weather and just do not want the repairs? ? ?

hope all went well with A/C

enjoy carol

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