Monday, August 25, 2008

Living in a tin can and other stories from hillbilly land

This business with the Air Conditioner is out of control. My trusty A/C dude Doug must be out of town as I have left two messages and still no Doug. That is not like him at all.

As a result, I am hiding out in the horse trailer, where the A/C actually works. However, it is not a roof air, so during the day it is still too hot to be in there. Because heat makes me miserable, I went in there in a wet swimming suit at 7 pm and it was cool enough to lay down--I just got up an hour ago when Jenna called. I hate missing huge chunks of the day, I hear I missed good entertainment tonite at the farm.

I thought I would come in the house to see if it is any better--it is not. It is down to 80 degrees in here but it is only 75 outside, so that is not much relief. There is however, some razzleberry pie up in here somewhere which might make it worth it, if I hotch it up and take it outside to eat

It has been an interesting weekend. Yesterday was hot hot hot so we did as little as possible and spent the rest of the day in the pool. We did do Twister's work, and he did really good on the hotwalker. That the hotwalker is functional after a huge tree fell on it in a storm is amazing it itself. Barry had to rewire some stuff, but it works. I hear Twister acted up and ripped himself loose once, but by the time I got out there, he was trotting around like a happy camper.

Today, not so much. We were supposed to pad him up good and saddle him like normal, so after his massage--which he LOVED today and never once tried to fight me on it-- and his stretches, he got saddled up and hooked up to the hotwalker. His fat friend, Sly, decided he would have a little exercise too, so he was hooked up as well. Both the pig and Fonzie stood by and watched the show.

Today, Twister did more than act a fool, he reared up, he raised hell, he tried to pull the hotwalker out of the damn ground and eventually ran off bucking to the barn. Dear God, I hope no one saw that, it looked like dumbass day at the OK Corral. I went after him and could not get him to come out! He was bound and determined he was not going on that thing.

I beg to differ. I was being eaten alive by bugs, sweating and now I was mad. He was going. And this time he did, he pulled several ignorant stunts, but he finally gave in and did his trotting. By the time he settled in, he probably only did 12 minutes, which really is not enough, but in this humidity, he was dripping sweat. And I could not take the bugs another minutes.

When Twist acted up, he would actually STOP the walker. Sly would stand on the other side of him with the most quizzical look on his face--like "Dude, what the hell?" Eventually this behavior reminded Sly that he too likes to stop the walker--but when he does it, he acts like he is on a catwalk or some fool thing--he will stop and strike a pose. Very strange that one. I would yell at him, and off he would go again, lurching forward into a lope for a step or two--the walker does not go that fast, so then he is ahead of it.

It was like the two stooges out there. And their pony. And their pig.

After that was over, I jumped in the pool for a few minutes, then took my long nap. It was swell.

We had a long weekend--we went to dinner and the racetrack last nite, with Headleys, Jodi and Ed, Jackie and Pete, and Charlie. We had a great steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse compliments of the track, free admission to the track, and had a great time. We all suck at betting-- I don't even do it--I usually base my picks on which horse is acting the craziest before hand, but that is not really a very good system.

Long long long day though, but I cannot think of many better ways to spend one.


Anonymous said...

Good Grief! Oh My Gosh!! and all the other references to Tin Can, Hillbilly and you forgot Redneck land.

Should have a basement at your house. We had A/C go out and our house got to be 87 upstairs and absolutely "lived and slept" down there. Even with a live-in A/C repair man---it took a day to get the new unit and another day for him to hook it up. He had to rekindle the ole brain to his old job.

hope you get results today as it is now Monday- - - -

NOT ENJOY but same old Carol

Holly said...


Xee and I had a Come To Holly meeting over the weekend when she decided that standing tied was not her thing.....I retrieved her, put my mare outside and then tied her up with a 2 leads and a neck rope.

She must have decided that it was not really a good idea to pull back again as she has been good for the rest of the weekend.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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