Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cancer update

Great news! My dad had his scan today to see what the status of his bladder cancer is--and the results are great! No more tumors, no more lesions, no more polyps, nothing up in there. He has to have another scan in three months, but all looks good for the time being.

That went reasonably well--it was just found this spring, he had a tumor and some polyps removed and this summer of chemo and it is all over just like that.


Meanwhile, my nice secretary was diagnosed last nite with a melanoma gone wild, and has to have a lump removed. The biggest concern is where it came from as evidently the lump is not where it started. She is pretty scared and I feel so sorry for you. She sees a surgeon tomorrow. Cross your fingers it is not as bad as it sounds.


Lorna said...

Yay for your Dad..

Sending good thoughts for your secretary!

Funder said...

Ooh, sorry to hear about your secretary.

My dad had a less-serious bladder cancer removed two years ago. I think his wasn't a tumor yet, but a precancerous lesion - anyway, they just did surgery and have been following him up. He had one more removed this year, but so far so good. It was pretty terrifying for me... so I kinda know how you feel. :)

Paige said...

Glad your dad is doing well. Dad has to get another scan in three months, and if they find anything, do two more treatments.

Not so bad really.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Dad

Not so good about your secretary- - - - -maybe - - - -


Lazy A Ranch said...

Yeah Dennis!

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