Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Storm entertainment

The storm was so bad that the B family could not leave--so we had some entertainment. Jenna played every piece of sheet music in the piano bench--which is quite the varied assortment--and even found my 1st and 2nd grade piano lessons books full of Christmas songs. Sam helped her play and sang for us. He definitely inherited her love of music. I had more fun singing the hysterical options from the sheet music--like some New Edition, an unGodly amount of Lionel Richie tunes, some Billy Joel--and a bunch that I will never own up to, having already been humiliated enough to have Jenna know about it.

Sam also found the saddle that KT sent to us years ago for him to use on the Fonzinator--we are getting closer every day to him being willing. He sat in Barry's saddle at the farm a few weeks ago, which was a first, and he wanted this little saddle put on the stand in the living room so he could ride em cowboy in it.

This is a huge development. He has been talking about his pony and making them stop in the driveway to look at him for more than a week. I think we are getting there. He was on Grandpa as a baby riding in Jenna's lap and he screamed bloody murder. He has come a long way with trying new experiences, and I think we are really close to getting him willingly on Fonz or whoever suits him. So thanks again KT for making it possible with Colin's baby saddle---let me know when you need it back for the new grandbaby.


Holly said...

I love love love the photo of Sam leaning into his mom. precious.

sounds like you had a lot of fun!

and go Sam! Ride 'em cowboy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! add piano playing to your "resume" of life.

And Sam is a handsome dude, raring to go- - - -

enjoy Carol

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