Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the s---hits just keep coming

It has been 24 hours of unfortunate news at my house.

First--Barry's big job coming up that will take until Thanksgiving will not be paying OT. This is particularly bad news as it is the OT that makes it worthwhile for him to be on the road leaving me with all the work and lonely at home. And really 8 hour days when you are out of town and know no one to play with are pretty crappy for him too.

Second--There is a horrible rumor brewing that the Secret Weapon is done training outside horses as he is too busy. I pray this is not true, as he is the best I have used, is close enough to be handy, and I just like him. He is the best for solid training on a young horse to make him hardy and one who enjoys doing his work. I have Ryan for the reining approach, but not all horses are the type that he needs to ride. It is good to have a variety of tools in your toolbox, and the Secret Weapon is the all-purpose hammer type.

Third--There was a horrible accident for Fidget, the outside Slybaby whose mother is a barrel horse. She was killed last nite. I feel so horrible, her owner is devastated. She just cannot get a break. Her first Slybaby died during a bad breech birth, then this.

Fourth- Madison got hurt at school yesterday for real.

Fifth-Cleaning lady is at my house again putting me in dire fear of what this is going to cost me.

Sixth-I had a horrible nightmare about going to Kroger and being unable to find the strawberries or the jelly donuts, and there were elephants, and hippos and circus animals running wild all over. Scared the hell out of me for some reason, it kept waking me up and when I would go back to sleep, it would start all over. What do you think that means?

It is barely noon, and I feel smooshed


Lazy A Ranch said...

Hang in there it will get better soon.

Jamie said...

I feel for you. I've had a terrible week also. I'm hoping that it will get better soon for the both of us.

Holly said...

that is so sad about the Sly baby. My condolences to them.

Mad? Is she going to be ok? Goodness that girl canNOT be injured. Far far to important to you to go and get hurt!

Poor Barry. I know this is a blow to both of you, I wish I could make the OT happen so it is worth it to him.

Hippos and such? My guess is that you are worried about so many thing in such variety that each requires a different animal running over you. Thank goodness they are staying at Kroger and not coming home!

Funder said...

Aww, sorry to hear all that bad news Paige! And hippos are pretty scary, I'd be freaked out if I was dreaming about them too. :-/

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