Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holly I got it!

You know that crap in our equine photography class that got way over my head and I never even tried? Especially this business with the horse in the doorway so you get the black background? I thought they were very cool but I never even let myself think about actually doing it myself.

Well, I did it. These pics are straight out of the camera. I cropped and resized only.
I guess I should admit that not only did I not TRY to take these pics, I did not even know I had done it. That is why ears and stuff are not perfect, that is not what I was going for. I took these pics of a friend's horse to show a contact who is looking for a solid head horse that can also trail ride. The owners did not know I would be showing up to take pics. Surprise!
I was there about 15 minutes. It was drizzling just enough to not know how the pics would turn out, and they did not look so good in my display. We went inside to get some actions shots and get my camera out of the rain. Buried in the regular shots for conformation, and my attempts at indoor action shots ( I SO need the fast lens, I have to make this a priority) were these.
I was so excited to see how well the ones I did not go to get turned out.
This is a nice looking horse who is broke to death, put together really nicely and about as quiet as you could ever want one. All of that was nice, as you so rarely see a horse that is this nice of a package. To be able to do him some justice, even if it was just in an artsy fartsy way that probably only I will enjoy, gave me a nice pick me up this evening.


Holly said...

Good job ma'am! I like them and the pally color is striking against that black background.

I was just thinking today that I desperately want the 2.8 lens. Even if it is the cheaper one.

Jamie said...

Great photo's Paige! He really is a nice looking animal! Have a great weekend!

Jamik said...

Great pics! Especially the last one.

MicBel QH said...

Great photos!

Lazy A Ranch said...

So tell me, how do you get that kind of picture? It looks GREAT, love it.

*Sarah* said...

Oooh I especially like the first one! Love light.

Robin Sallie said...

Nice job! I love the light on these.

Carrie said...

WOW. Fantastic job!!

That is a nice looking horse too. And put against the black background - even it if wasn't staged - is great.

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