Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gunner portraits

I so wish we had taken the time to put a proper halter on him and groom him so that he looked good, but I am still pretty pleased with these pictures overall.
This is Gunner, who is owned by Carrie Thompson in Alberta, Canada. He is the son of my Diablo and High Brow Hickory. He is three this year and his registered name is Young N High, which I think is hysterical.
He is being trained by Jason Olsen, and is just starting his show career in the next few weeks.
He will do a few cutting futurities, and Jason is confident that he will bring home some checks as he is very solid for a three year old at this stage.

We did not get to see him work, as he had already been worked earlier in the day--we intended to see him do a practice work at the Stampede later in the week, but the hook up never happened. I will just have to take Jason's word for it, I guess, until we see some paychecks.

Depending on how much money he earns this year, and how he stacks up to the competition, he will likely show during his four year old year.

After that, he will be embarking on a new career as a stud.

This is a fun adventure to be on with the Thompsons, and we could not ask for more in a customer than they have been--they have carried through on their plans to get him shown, and campaign him.

I know he will pay them back in spades over the next few years.


Anonymous said...

Adventure! ! ! To a famous Rodeo way up in Canada----see great friends---sight seeing battlefields----Mt Rushmore and Crzay Horse----and your "horse relatives" doing fantastic in their life.

My "adventure" as a blogger reader has been great too.

Thanks and your photography is "wunnerful"

enjoy Carol

MicBel QH said...

Great photos!

Jamik said...

Fun seeing these guys all grown up.

They both look pretty substantial. Nice pecs! LOL

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