Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bill Freeman dies

I confirmed this scoop of Missy's with Glory Ann Kurtz, keeper of all industry gossip just now. Bill Freeman died at 1:36 today.

She had this to say about him when she reported his illness was coming to an end"

Bill is a legend in the cutting industry, having earned more than $5.4 million. He is the No. 2 leading rider of all time and has three NCHA World Championship Futurity titles and was the first rider to win the Triple Crown riding Smart Little Lena in 1982 and 1983. His Futurity titles are only surpassed by Buster Welch, who has won five.

On a personal note, I met him several times through some horse business dealings, and he was always very polite to me. People that accomplished intimidate me some, and just his doings with Smart Little Lena made him a bigger than life character.

I kind of wonder what will come of the litigation over the SLL syndicate now. It has been up and down for a few years now...it will be interesting to see what turns it takes now.

RIP Bill Freeman.


Lazy A Ranch said...

Yeah, I was surpised it took Glory so long to tell. He was brain dead yesterday, they waited until his daughters arrived to pull the plug offically...(from what I was told).

Paige said...

I think you hit it right on the head---he has been on life support and the ventilator for three weeks, and perhaps the 1:36 this afternoon was the actual moment of death.

I have no idea.

You were ahead of all the news sources though!

Anonymous said...

Bill Freeman was a friend. He was as big an icon as one could be in a sport. Yet he always had time for friends. Some say he was arogant, some say he was nice. I will tell you if he liked you he allowed mistakes and kept the friendship. I hope the SLL syndicate chokes. I hope it has to pay a hefty price for there actions. Guilty not guilty no one will ever know now. But to attack a human being the way they did with such little evidence. They need to look in there closets too. They know what they've done and so do alot of other people in the NCHA. It will be hard for them to come to Ft. Worth and not think of the damage they have been apart of with Bill's family and friends. Not to mention the tarnish they put on the sport and for what there personal gains. This was never about the Syndiacate it was about a few select individuals and we all know who they are. Rest in Peace my friend Bill for they cant rest living with what they have done. Shame on all who participated. Wrong is wrong, but the approach taken was hideous.

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