Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A repeat

This is kind of flashback like--about this time last year, I posted Taylor A and her Slybaby, named Shy baby, who were showing at the 4-H fair. They won the halter class with Shy just having been weaned.

She did it again this year. I am not surprised of course, since Taylor does the work, fits her horses up and handles them beautifully.

It still makes me a proud grandma---and so excited to see these two turning a barrel next year or the year after. I know they will be as hot there as they have been everywhere else

I cannot imagine having a more beautiful pair representing us.

Go Taylor!


Holly said...

obviously she loves him!

Paige said...

SHE--that is a girl baby. And only a yearling, for Pete's sake. Taylor is 13 I think

Jamik said...

They are both really cute! Is the filly Grulla?

Paige said...

No, the sad news is that she is GRAY! Honestly, I think she is sorrel under it, but she never could make up her mind as a baby, and you could not tell if she was red dun or sorrel, then she got clipped for the show as a weaner---I did not see her in teh winter, so I did not get that version of it.

For sure gray.

Her mom was a beast of a mare--so thick

Holly said...

oops! wrong gender!

anyway, they look like a pair....a duo....a combo...and that is good.

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