Saturday, June 21, 2008

Target comes home

This was a big day for Target--we went to check on his progress and decide whether he was going to continue on with Ryan or go to learn some cow skills. I know that is likely where his talent lies, and that is ultimately what we decided to do.

First, though, we got a demonstration and test drive. Target has learned so much, and is really turning into a nice horse.

He has all the parts down, so I hope we can keep up with him. I am going to ride him tomorrow myself, and I am really looking forward to it.

This was a good opporuntity to practice my new camera skills. It would have been better had I gotten there on time, instead of an hour late which put the sun directly overhead. I took a bunch though, so some turned out nice enough to share. I just like these close up headshots--he is so pretty, so cropping them down this small really shows off his pretty face.
Barry had a little test drive, and I could see right away how well he is going to get along with him. There is a huge difference between Ryan and Barry, so it had to be a little wierd for Target to feel Barry's legs so long on him, and to adjust to his different way of doing things. Ryan gave us some pointers on what to do with him, and to his credit, did not even look faint when watching Barry ride. It has to be wierd to hand one over that you have worked so hard on.

See the difference between Barry and Ryan in position and body type? Target did well adjusting pretty quickly. I was impressed with it.
Target has a decent turnaround on him already--he crosses over beautifully in the front to start.

Everyone deserves a little rest after a good workout, don't they?

Target was happy to get home, and be turned out. Life in a training barn is a whole different world than he had ever been exposed to. It surprised me that it took him so long to get his buck on, and it started to rain pretty hard, so perhaps there will be better shots of his turnout tomorrow.

We are really happy with how Ryan did with him, and will be taking Boogie over there for his turn, as soon as Ryan gets home from the NRHA Derby, which takes place next week. It will be fun to see how they compare to each other.


Holly said...

I'm so glad you are happy with how he turned out. I know you were a little worried about him a couple of times.

Excellent photos too, especially love the second one with the mane.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the physiques are almost opposite. Ryan looks so young. Is he?
I like the mane, too. He looks like a mustang.

Paige said...

I guess you mean that as a compliment, the Mustang business. That is how I will take it I guess.

I cannot wait to get on him, which has not happened this week due to many issues---boots in the horse trailer at the shop, too damn hot, etc

Lazy A Ranch said...

Target is stunning, so glad to read he did great in training.

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