Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trainer results: Chapter Two

After picking up Target, we went to pick up Squeaklet. She went to another trainer we use about 6 weeks ago, and she had a very difficult experience. Her first two weeks evidently were a treat--I was very concerned with the reports I was getting, and I know how hard it was for Bobby to tell me that she had a bit of a screw loose. I was also shocked--I knew she had a buck in her as she had been ridden once before and that was her deal for sure. I figured it would pass. First reports suggested that she was not getting over it in a timely manner.
Clearly, she is cured. After the dire warnings, I was prepared for the worst when we arrived. It had just stormed so was kind of icky out, but still decent enough for Bobby to take her out and show us her tricks. She lopes really pretty.
She handles really nicely, surprisingly so considering how she started. We were warned not to goose her with a spur though as she takes great exception to it and will give quite a ride as a result--a short one, I hear, but a ride all the same.
I like this picture because Bobby is obviously stumped at what I have asked him-- I wonder what it was? I like stumping him though.

For someone who was so much trouble to start with, she was very calm, cool and content the entire time he was riding her.

He almost looks like he kind of enjoyed her here, doesn't he? I think that is likely overstating the point. I got him to classify her on a scale of worst horses he has ever started---in the top 10% he says. But she also WAY up there in the amount she improved over the last two weeks.

Doesn't she look easy going here? Even her trot is nice.

This is part of her backing series--she will go as far as you want her to, as easily as anyone could want...I have a series of about 10 shots with her backing.
See the rain on her face? Her whole topside was rained on, and soaking wet.

We are pleasantly surprised with how well she is going. I told Bobby that had he never told me what she was doing in the beginning, I would not be as excited to see how she was now, but also would not be as impressed. About that time, he and his friend laughed out loud about how bad she had been--I can tell he is pleased he got through to her too.

Bottom line--she is good. Way better than expected.

Now to find her a home--ideally someone who enjoys an athlete with a lot of ability, and a good mind---and does not mind a challenge. Any takers?


Holly said...

is this the guy that never comes off?

Paige said...

Nope, that is the Secret Weapon. I do not know Bobby's sticking ratio

Anonymous said...

Great news from both trainers.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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