Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tango plays a game

This is Tango Lou, the silly magoo. She is a funny kid--she likes to show off. She will do just about anything to get your attention.

Tonight it was playing with her ball. I have never seen her mess with it much, but she must as almost every day, it is on the outside of her pen instead of the inside where I put it

Notice how her expression has changed from posting sweetly for the camera to giving me the eye--she looks like she is concerned I am going to take the ball.

She licked it and licked it and bit it--and it just kept coming back to her.

I guess that means that she gets to keep it.

Finally she picked it up by its string and swung it a little bit--but of course, I was checking my settings and did not get the shot.

I think I will get her some new kickballs and maybe we can play on the weekend. I think she would like that.


Holly said...

groan.....she is toooooo cute. Really cute. Beautiful cute.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Takes "two to Tango" and I never thought horses would or could play with a ball or toy like a dog.

Things I learn here. Cute

Horse Student Carol

Robin Sallie said...

She is very pretty. Get some one to video tape you playing ball with Tango. That would be way cool to see.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Tango is a doll.

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