Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photography assignment re-do

I had to redo the pictures for class as I knew I could do better than the ones of Target. Sly is my most reliable photo subject--but he was SO not into this. He had as many doofus pictures as not doofus.

Even when he got serious, he did it in the wrong place. Story of my life.
If only this three quarter shot had been properly exposed, I think it would have been a good one. But alas, it was way under exposed and I had to do the smart fix on it.
A little too much light on the face, don't you think? His face coloring looks flat.
Another one that would have been way better had it not been way overexposed.
I like this one, despite the weeds and the post- maybe I can clone those out. His legs are almost in the correct position even f his head and neck are not--I still like it because that expression is what I think of when I think of Sly.

Same here, and his ears are not up--that was a struggle through this whole thing, which is very strange because Sly is ALWAYS on point for a photo.
This is not bad, I kind of like it. I should take the tree trunk out, and it would be better if his neck was more level....he was a little tense though. After all, he was standing in the damn road while cars roared by. I am also a little too far back--not right at his girth as I should have been.

I will get the hang of this eventually.

The new assignment comes tomorrow


*Sarah* said...

I still like them all, especially the one where it's just his head in the frame.

Anonymous said...

cool pics paige


Jamik said...

He is such a handsome thing! I have to say, the second picture is a riot!! He looks like he is laughing at BS and BS is pissed about it! Love it. Jami

Paige said...

You read it exactly right Jami--BS was pissed because he was hot, Sly wanted to eat grass and not pose- I was telling him what to do--and they ended up arguing a lot.

Poor Sly wanted so much to smack BS, but he knew better- which does not mean that BS did not get a jab in here and there to make Sly act right---not that that ever works. So he made faces and pinned his ears--I did not know he had the ability to pin his ears when there is a camera around.

I cannot wait until he gains his weight back from breeding season--it just kicks his ass every year

Robin Sallie said...

I know it isn't what you wanted but that top photo cracks me it. In fact I laughed out loud.

Paige said...

Those kind of pics crack me up too--especially the second one!

Amanda said...

is this a horse blog or a photog blog? you are getting really good and it makes my head hurt with you learning all this stuff. kind of like when you started with the horses.

but i did enjoyed him telling BS to F@%#$% off. Maybe he could learn some signs like Gabi.


Lazy A Ranch said...

I really like the 3/4 shot.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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