Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Holly--Fuzzy pics

I thought while I was getting shots of Fuzzy for Holly, I would show her non-phantom of the opera side of her face. She has a really short head.
Here you go--Fuzzy points right. With her phantom face showing, but you cannot really see that much. Besides, we are not the sort of folks who get worked up about appearances up in here--a little scar or two builds character, that is what we think!
Non-phantom side of Fuzzy. Dang she is fat. And I am starting to recognize that when I think I have just the right leg placement, I usually have the near rear leg stuck out behind her some. I wonder if it is supposed to be like that. In my photog class, the teacher said my Sly side shot had perfect legs, and I am pretty sure his was stuck out like that too. I better clarify. Does it make her butt look wierd?

Now here is another thing---I like the shots with their head up a little bit--not a lot--because I think that really low headset is so unnatural looking. At least in non-pleasure horses, it looks contrived. I am not sure why I think that, it might just be because I don't take pics like that.

Any thoughts on that?


Holly said...

I like her. A lot. Thick mare isn't she? And not just because she has wintered well either.

she is very pretty I think.

Paige said...

Well she is not petite, that is for sure.

She is 6 this year, and I see her filling out and chunking up all the time.

I will get some three quarter shots so we can tell just how thick she is vs fat.

She is built different than the others, I guess becuase her mom is a barrel horse

She is also Radars sister, did you know that?

Holly said...

no I did not know she was Radars sister, I cannot keep track of who belongs to whom. There are many things I like about this mare, how her neck comes out of her shoulder, the good bone in her legs without being coarse, her very kind expression and how solid looking she is over all...again, without being coarse.

Robin Sallie said...

I like the head up a bit too but I do not know much about how to present a horse.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Amazing head shot, I give you an A+

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