Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sam's two big days

Sam had his first kickball game today and it was a hoot! When I first arrived, his team was in the field, but as boys are likely to do--Sam was more interested in this girl than the game. Notice his dad Mike there who was not paying any more attention than Sam was!

This second pic has Mike in the game, but Sam still not too into it---this reminds me of the stories I hear of Barry's youngest days in the baseball world---easily distracted.

Here is Sam studying his teammate who is up to kick--he was all about that part. I could tell he was getting excited about his turn, as the closer it got, the more he watched.

Finally it was his turn. Look at that look on his face---is he having fun or what?

The kicking thing is harder than it looks---he whiffed the first time, but if you could have seen the laugh on his face, you could tell he did not care--he was having a ball. He got it the second time though, and he was so excited. He was not the only one that whiffed either--about half of them did.
Watching these kids was hysterical--they are so young! Some of them really get it--they know what to do, but are not necessarily coordinated to do it. Some are---but have no idea WHAT to do once they stop the ball, or get it kicked finally---it was a riot to see the coach pick one up and put him down on home plate when he petered out running to home.

Very cute.

It is good Sam had a fun game, as he has surgery in the morning. He got his feeding tube out a couple of months ago and it healed funny so he has to have some scar tissue removed so he can start all over again. It is outpatient surgery in St Louis and he will quite likely be home tomorrow nite, but Jenna and Mike are nervous, as I guess all parents would be. I know he will be fine though--heck, if he can play kickball, a little surgery is no big deal!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of everything. Sam looks great.
I really like the horses and their reflections.
Love you,

Robin Sallie said...

I love watching the short people do sports. it brings great joy to my heart. Thank you for sharing Sam photos.

Paige said...

It is funny, isnt it? I guess I never watched kids that little do sports--I had no idea what I was missing!

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