Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My nightmare

Does this scare you? It does me, because I know what is on the other end of it, and it ain't pretty.
I mean, really, have you ever seen anything so awful? Me not so much, and I have to admit that even looking at these shots is making my heart beat faster than it should. These scare the hell out of me. He is a green moray eel--they grow up to eight feet in lengh and weigh up to 70 pounds. They are pretty lazy, they lay around and wait for things to come to them to get eel on the ground or hiding like this I can deal with better than other eels who go around in the water--there ought to be a law, I tell you. That is some dangerous business--you can avoid hiding eels by not sticking yourself or your parts where you do not belong, but those going around eels can sneak up on you. The day that happens may be the day I have the big one.
If the picture of this SOB's teeth does not get your heart going, there is something wrong with you. I am not kidding, I feel a hyperventilation coming on. For real. I learned in Bonaire that when they open their mouths big and show their teeth, it is not really a threat to bite you,but rather how they breathe. Whatever the cause of it, it has to stop. I cannot take it.

Also contrary to popular belief, their bite is not poisonous--but will likely give you an infection. I am still avoiding such things, thanks. They have few to no natural predators--even scarier things want nothing to do with them.

I need a drink I think, just from posting this. I am not scared of much, but a giant man-eating squid (Humboldt squids in the Sea of Cortez where I will NEVER go), rats and the eel pretty much do it.


Anonymous said...

All your pics are phenomenal, but those underwater varmints are scary to me. The shots of the color, background, etc. are great, though.
I'm glad you're home. Between the storm and the varmints, well, it's just too much to worry about.
Love you,

Holly said...

my goodness I feel brave! They do not scare me. In fact, I would probably have to go up close to see them. My guess would be that they are more afraid of me than me of them.

Paige said...

Well you are wrong Holly and what the hell is wrong with you? They do not see very well, so they might get you just for the hell of it.

How do you feel about those apples?

Holly said...

nah......they would taste me and spit my sour personality right back out.

I love apples....especially in there.

Anonymous said...

How can "something" be so evil looking and yet kind of pretty in a beautiful setting.

Ugh! ! ! I agree with you. Not for me


Lorna said...

They are such ugly, nasty looking suckers - man - I don't blame you for having a thing about them..

Great photography though!

Loving the photos!

Robin Sallie said...

Are these the same eels they serve in Sushi bars? Yummy.

Paige said...

Oh dear God, I never thought of that---one mroe reason to not go to a sushi bar for me, I guess.

I would not want to eat one that is for sure--then again, I don't eat seafood. Especially mean seafood. With big teeth. That look like huge pickles

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