Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting closer!

We are making progress with the playing in the pond that I want to take pictures of. Again tonight, I went out to the back to see if I could lure them in. As usual, they got distracted by the good grass and I have no idea why as it is the same dang grass they have in the other 2o acres they are in, but there is no understanding young horses.

You cannot tell it from this angle, but probably the first foot of that grass is actually standing in the water, so that is how close we are getting.

Haida Girl did not come to the party, and I bet she will be the first one in. If Cash was in that pasture she would be. Hey that reminds me, there is a pond in their pasture too! I kind of forget since it is super shallow and dried up last year, but with the rain we have had, I bet there is water in there now--maybe not swimming depth water, but water. I will check that out Saturday.

CC was the first to get her nose wet--I could hear her feet sucking out of the mud when she backed out. Cricket did it too. Hawk made the most of it though, trying every angle possible to get a drink and eat the grass furthest out in the water---he did not get any further than this though. I thought for a second he was going to go ass over tea kettle and end up in the drink, but no go on that either.


Lazy A Ranch said...

Love it, love the grass more, wish I had some.

Paige said...

That is a little misleading----they have put a major dent in our pastures already--therea re probably 10 acres in the back of the hay field that they have not touched yet, but it is so tall, I am going to have to bushhog it--everything else is already scrappy---breaks my heart.

One of my projects this week has been round bale acquiring--i now have some leads

Robin Sallie said...

Have you tried going in yourself with a bucket of oats maybe?

Paige said...

I thought about sending Madison in, but I know there are snapping turtles in there, and probably snakes, and I would have to explain it to her mother if I were to get her killed out there.

and I damn sure am not going in--not with those monsters in there!

Holly said...


paige you were just in some deep water with sharks for crying out loud.

could be the turtles are why the horses don't wanna go in either

Anonymous said...

Pictures are beautiful. Please don't go in the water unless you have waders. There's no telling what's in there.

*Sarah* said...

Yikes I sure as hell wouldn't go in there if I saw some damn snapping turtles. Aw look at your mom still looking at for you :) It's cute.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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