Monday, June 16, 2008

Photography Class

Holly and I are taking an online equine photography class--it started Wednesday. We are sure we are in over our heads, especially reading about the other students, and seeing their photos.

Every week we have an assignment--this week it was to read our manuals (and understand it this time), and to practice taking photos in something other than Auto setting. In fact, Auto is forbidden.

We are learning first about depth of field, Aperture settings,shutter speeds, etc--especially how they all work together. It just does not make sense when you are reading it, until you take a jillion photos.

I took several on Saturday and learned a lot, it is amazing how much I learned. Anyway here are some of the results. Hammer is a good model for me to practice stopping action on---I want clear crisp action shots, which are a lot harder to get than you think.

This bottom one is overexposed some---not sure why, I will have to check the details of the shot on photoshop elements, where I can see all the details of my settings.


Holly said...

but I love the upright alert posture anyway.

Paige said...

He was coming to a stop after running around like a loon---I think he was trying to get my attention.

He always has it

Lorna said...

Crisp and clear was the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the first picture - didn't even notice the entire horse wasn't in the picture!

Hope you enjoy and learn a ton in your class!

pita-woman said...

Simply beautiful photos of your horses! I do volunteer work at an equine center & never seem to have the camera handy when a good photo-op comes along, & then my dismal photography skills don't do the horses justice on the occasions I do take their pix.

Paige said...

Thanks--I love that first picture--it would have been all of him, I was ready for the full body shot, but he slammed on the brakes as he got there---I think it looks cool though.

I was practicing using a fast shutter speed to stop action like that, instead of getting a blue--I think I got that part down! Now to learn the rest of it.

Pita-woman--if you carry your camera so much you dont even know it is there any more, you will catch them. I dont even go to work without it anymore.

*Sarah* said...

woohoo!!!!! Photography classes are fun, you really do learn a lot.

theCloth said...

I think you have put many fine photographs of horses on your blog. Your photography can only get better with a better understanding of the mechanics capturing images.

If I were teaching photography, not only would I force students to shoot manually but I would also insist on shooting color slide film. You teacher is doing the right thing and you'll make him/her proud.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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