Monday, June 9, 2008

Gabi likes dogs--especially Thor

Mostly she is just silly---

She has a fondness for dogs--it is one of her few words, and she signs "dog" too. Thor likes to have company as long as they do not get in his way on the couch. Once they worked that out,Gabi got her flirt on. She sure takes after her mother. She played with his feet, but that was just the start of what she had in store for him.

Then she hugged whatever she could reach, some legs mostly--this was big love. Thor is tolerating it but I am sure he thinks he is getting brownie points for putting up with it--look at that look on his face
Then she decided to kiss him---all she could reach was his foot, so that is what got the smacker. My shot was a tad slow, but since we know what was going on, it is still a funny picture.

What a ham this kid is


Lorna said...

Goodness she is just adorable! How cute she is with Thor!!!

You are going to miss her big time!

Jamik said...

Gabi is an absolute doll!!

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