Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thor loves camping

Whether you know him or not, you can probably tell that this is Thor's happy face. His REALLY happy face. He got picked to go camping, which he does not know is for his own good, so he does not get beat up at home. We will let him think he is picked though.

Look at how he can put the sad face on. Have you ever seen such drama in a situation with no blood?

He does not usually have to be tied and was particularly good this time, but there was just way too much food at dinner time to trust him. As it is, he stole a turkey carcass and loved it to death Saturday nite.


*Sarah* said...

Aw I love Thor, he is so damn sweet.

Holly said...

he is a sweetheart, and a handsome one too

Robin Sallie said...

Did he get to have his own tent? What a big boy!

Paige said...

Nah, this boy travels in style--he gets a pallet made on the floor of the living quarters area. It is just big enough for him to stretch out and get his sleep on. Sometimes he even gets covered with a blankey so he does not get too cold sleeping in front of the A/C

He is a good camper. He never ties to get in peoples camping chairs like Slater does

DK said...

He's way too cute, Paige. And such a little drama queen (at least in these pictures!).

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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