Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sqeak goes on vacation

Miss Squeak went on vacation today, to this pretty barn.

First thing this morning, she went to the vet to be inseminated. I have to give Center Ranch credit--we did not think she would hold off until Thursday morning when we could get the Peppy Plays for Cash semen. They had some squirrelly business about their counter to counter shipping that made that not a real option, so I was a bit concerned.

Somehow in the midst of that debacle, they just decided to collect him on a non-collecting day and ship me some yesterday, which arrived today. It was fantastic stuff, great motility, aggressive little swimmers. Now lets pray she does her part.

On Tuesday, Squeak had both a a 45 and a 43 follicle. Today she had regressed to a 35 and a something over 40 that is losing its shape--because it concerned Dr M that the second follicle would screw up the progress of number one, and because we had so much semen, he decided to save a dose and do her again today, just in case she takes her time ovulating. He NEVER does that. She was given ovuplant, so surely she will get on it ASAP.

This necessitated the use of a more local facility so she would be handy to him when he can get to her, and I can get on with my life doing something more than driving up and down the interstate and missing work. He had previously suggested this place, which is 15 minutes from him, to use in the event these last two girls needed to be bred while we were on vacation. Might as well start early I guess.

She settled in perfectly and these people know what they are doing. They are not phased by her blindness at all, and I was thrilled to see that within minutes of being settled in her stall, she was perfectly content, as was baby Tango. They complimented both of them, which always makes me feel good.

She will likely be able to come home Friday afternoon, but I am considering leaving her there while we are gone, so that Madison does not have to care for her and any potential problems.
I will decide that I guess on Friday, after she is checked to confirm that time Diablo will be there as well, confirming that she needs her semen shipped on Friday too.

This place may turn out to be a Godsend. They raise TBs, and the state inspector was there while I was there, seeing a baby born last nite. Having them handy to Dr M, makes life so much easier on him, and I may well be able to use them in the future to avoid making multiple trips to get one checked out and bred, etc.

I do know this--when I take Diablo tomorrow nite, I will take many more pics to show the facility, the long legged TB babies, etc.

I had a further adventure today, but it took its toll and I have to go to bed. I will post pics tomorrow, from my visit to the BLM Mustang Adoption Center.


Anonymous said...

Is that barn FOR REAL? Of course looks "picture perfect" !

What a wonderful place for your kids.

Can't wait for more pictures.


Holly said...

I would for sure cultivate a relationship with this farm. They sound ideal.

Paige said...

Isn't it pretty? That is the kind of barn I love--I get used to seeing the antiseptic pole barns that are so perfect, but they do not have the charm this one does.

I am going to check it out more tonight, they have lots of paddocks etc, so lots for me to see.

I am so glad I found this place!

Lazy A Ranch said...

What a really nice barn, it all looks so clean and welcoming there.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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