Monday, May 5, 2008

Self-improvement weekend

I was bound and determined to show Barry that I can actually do some stuff without screwing it up (I know, he is not the only one that doubts this), so while he was off on boy weekend mountain biking with Brant, mom and I worked on the landscaping at my house.

It was done professionally two years ago, but as is the case with everything we do, we failed to maintain it and it had gotten hideous. My contorted filbert was getting aggressive and pulling my hair when I walked by him, and the low bush thing was completely out of control and trying to cover the whole sidewalk. Plus, he is just ugly. The red maple had some wierd thing going on with its higher branches.

None of that was as bad as the dead leaves, the weeds, the dandelions, etc.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to fix all that? Plus it was cold and windy, and mom insists on wearing this stupid hat. She says she is not on the blog enough and refused to take that hat off, so that is what I am putting on here. I will add some other pics later (when I take them).

It looks WAY better.

Now Holly and family will think I am not so hillbilly. I hope. 10 more days to try to cover up my true nature---once they spend some time here though they will know the truth--but it wont be because the landscaping looks like a junkyard


Holly said...

Paige! I am from Pennsylvania where we "cling to our guns and cling to our religion".....obviously we have a corner on the hillbilly market!

Paige said...

Oh sister, you are as uninformed as the originator of that statement. Right here in this neck of the woods, hillbilly is an art.

Kim said...

Hey they are as far north as Chicago (just south of). In my town, you are truly hillbilly when their is a broken down car in your front yard.

I love the hat. Sounds like you girls did a lot of work, but I am sure some laughs.

Can't wait to see it.

Paige said...

Really Kim you should not encourage mom's absurd choices in hats and gobbles. She does not need it.

Does a broken down boat count? Ours needs new upholstery and has not moved in probably 3 years

Shell said...

I love the hat. I'll take pics of my parents in their yard work attire. They actually wear bib overalls and straw hats!!!
I think my parents have won the hillbilly olympics. Dad bought a row boat...with holes in it. It's parked out back of the barn behind their house. I just sprayed the grass growing alongside it. He keeps saying he'll fix the holes someday and take it for a float. :)

Julie said...

Sanner looks cute in her hat! I think it is sweet that you all had a girls gardening day :-) And don't worry, Paige, there are rednecks & hillbillies everywhere!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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