Thursday, May 1, 2008


Uno was having a perfectly good nap this afternoon--you have to get it while the getting is good around here. The wind had been blowing like mad all day and it was overcast, but he found a good spot and got serious about sleeping.

Unbeknownst to him, his mother was being aggravated by flies. Eventually it made her so crazy that she had to roll. Unfortunately, she did not look first at where she was going and the next thing you know, poor Uno had a rude awakening.

He managed to get loose of her so she could roll all she needed, and then gave up altogether and left the area. Smart boy.

I personally could not see these bugs that were bothering her, but they sure were interrupting her groove tonight. She could not even get up from her roll without them bugging her, and she ended up sitting there practically on her butt chewing at the bugs.


Lorna said...

What great shots - perfect timing - You are getting great with that camera!

Poor little Uno... Aries looks hysterical sitting there.

Paige said...

Isn't that funny?

I used to a have a big ol mare, about 16'2" named Big Step (not really, that was her dad so we called her that), and she would lay down to roll, and instead of getting up like normal horses, she would sit on her butt just like a dog, with her hind legs spread with her stifles up in the air, and her front feet between them

Too bad that was before the day of digital photography, as it was a hoot to see

Holly said...

that is a terrific series of shots. I bet the look on his little face was priceless

Paige said...

There are about 10 of them-- too bad the light was not a little better to make them really pop. I did use the program mode and adjusted my exposure to get that much lite in them--it was really overcast and about 5:30 or 6 when I took them

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