Thursday, May 1, 2008

Disco thinks she is a dog

Introducing Disco, formerly known as Rio. Bree hated the name Rio, and suggested Disco, which fits with some of the names that we have used for Gyro's babies in the past, like Boogie and Haidas Lectric Slyde.

I catch her doing funny things, and it finally occurred to me that many of her things are dog -like. Here she is scratching her neck like a dog, and then sticking her tongue half out of her mouth like she is panting

Here she is getting ready to put something inappropriate in her mouth, just like a puppy--and with her tongue hanging out again.

Funny kid. At 6 days old, she is already taller than all the other babies---scrawny like she is on stilts, but tall. It is wierd


Holly said...

she has a tiny pretty head! and she's cute cute cute

Lorna said...

She is very feminine! With that tongue hanging out - you could have called her "MJ" (Michael Jordan) - HA!

She's a doll!

Paige said...

She is pretty girly, but she reminds me of my friend Tranae (who will probably read this and chew my ass)--her legs are so long that she runs like a giraffe, just like Tranae did when she was young. She is skinny, just like Tranae, and a little awkward like she used to be.

Just like Tranae, you can see through all that to know that she is going to be absolutely gorgeous, just like she turned out to be.

*Sarah* said...

haha! I love her. Very cute.

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