Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a broodmare should look like

This is what I think a broodmare should look like.

Gy is a big ol soggy mare--look at the weight on her, the width of her chest, she has big ol honking feet that do not chip up....that is just good genetics.

One of my favorite thing about Gy is that if you did not see that baby girl nursing, you would never know she foaled six days ago---even at 14 years old, and several babies, she is always pretty fit. She is low maintenance and a joy to be around--she raises her babies to be respectful, and does it without having to be aggressive with them in any way.

I am not breeding her back this year--I want her back for myself for the days I do not want to be on alert riding a baby like I have been for the last year---as good as they are, it is hard to beat an old reliable


Holly said...

soggy? What is that, I've heard it before but don't know what it means.

Big feet=good

wide chest = good.

easy keeper = good. Especially when nursing which uses up a tremendous number of calories.

Lorna said...

She is just classic! I love her entire aura - she exudes "momma-ism"!

And her show pictures are a great compliment to her versatility!

Paige said...

Soggy is hard to explain--kind of like obscenity, you know it when you see it.

I think Gy is a perfect example of it-- stocky built and looks like she has some substance, plenty fleshy--

Hard to explain other than by example. She and Hotrod are soggy. Snap is not soggy. Aries is coming on like she might someday be soggy, even though she is only 14 hands. For sure, Haidagirl will be.

Someone else take a stab at explaining it

Anonymous said...

I agree with ol' reliable. I guess I can identify with that term.
Love you,

I thought soggy meant wet.

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