Monday, May 5, 2008

Dr Green to the rescue!

In addition to the landscaping, Madison and I moved some horses to the hay field. Without a reliable baler, we might as well give up on raising our own hay and use the field as pasture.

So first we moved old and skinny---This is Lucky. She did not do as well over the winter as I would have liked, and has stuck something in her left eyeball to glass it up, but whatcha gonna do? Grass puffs her up and she will be looking great in no time. I tell everyone that she is 25 but she is not, she is only 24. I have to stop that. She is an old 24 at least. She is Radar and Riot's mom, and Fuzzy's mom.

Actually I am not dissatified with Grandpa's weight--at 28, he had the best winter he has had here since we got him. Ate me out of house and home but looks great. Any more weight and his arthritis will hurt too bad, so let's hope he stays just right for a long time. Grass does so much for him that I can take the Senior away from him--and he will gain even better than he did on massive amounts of feed. He needs to wash his face--he looks like an antique that has been in the attic for 100 years. For such a vain dude, you would think he would take care of himself better.

Playmate had her first rough winter, but at 27, I guess it was about time. You cannot see it so much in this photo---other than at her hips--but I know she will pick up on this grass. She is finally starting to shed off, and she has the prettiest light bay caramel colored coat--I cannot wait to see it. The only baby of hers we kept was Haida Girl, but the one after that, A filly by Rum Squall is owned by a local, and is still showing as a 4 year old, earning decent NCHA money.

Then old and fat---and Rock is not going to tear down my new boards on the fence, so she is wearing her cribbing collar whether she likes it or not. Cash is her daughter. Her 4 year old, Hyde by Haidas Little Pep, is going to his first cutting next weekend in Alberta, Canada. I have some pics of him working to post later.

Then we moved funny looking and skinny--Boogie and Foxy. These two have no good excuse for being underweight--and they fluctuate from day to day. Surely this will make them right, and get Boogie is good shape to go to Ryan's shortly to start under saddle

Next we will move someone else--I am out of skinny--so will move regular horses over there to let them have at it. Rondee and Radar will go over probably tonight, and Nita, after her last special bath to kill the bald making funk, will go.

Mostly these photos are for my own evaluations--it helps me monitor their weight better than looking at them every day.


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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