Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who knew?

That I may be hard to kill, but I can take a pretty good bruising. I have been laid up since Sunday when I had my annual Spring falling off of a horse. This time I fell on the road, which is a first for me, and hurts every bit as much as you would think it does---way worse than the ground or the mud. I have finally given in and called the doc for some serious meds, as nothing is touching this pain. My ribs and side hurt so bad I cannot even feel the road rash on my back, which is where I actually landed. Who can explain that to me?

Meanwhile, I have been laid up at mom and dad's house where I have been babysitting their dogs while dad has been in the hsopital in St Louis. He had tumors removed from his bladder and some chemo, and now we wait a week to see if he has cancer. SEems silly to me that it takes a week to find that out, I will have to ask Nena if that is a scientific thing or a government is ineffecient thing. They should be home tonight.

So that is why there have been no new photos to speak of--I have not been at my computer so that I could download and post, nor was I able bodied enough to take pics. I am finally back upright today though and will get back on the stick.


MicBel QH said...

wow Paige, I was wondering if everything was ok, but figured you were just probably busy. Hope you are feeling better soon I've been there.

Paige said...

I will live, it is not my first falling off---I want to get back to the good ol days when I get pitched off a horse rather than falling off like a big dumb ass.

The doc jsut called--I am getting some pansy drugs called Vicoprophen---sounds lame. I also got a lecture about getting xrays---now you know what happens when you get xrays---all you end up with is another bill. It is not like they can do anything about cracked ribs anyway

Jamik said...

Glad you are okay, Paige. Feel better soon.

Robin Sallie said...

I am glad you are okay!

Camille said...

Dang woman! Hope the meds make it feel better. Take care of yourself.

theCloth said...

I'm glad you're OK, too. Sounds like you're one tough cookie.

Anonymous said...

Was in a "paige withdrawal" cause no postings BUT OMG

No wonder----- and please "listen up" and get better------your dad too


Lazy A Ranch said...

Paige, the reason it takes that long is because Pathology has to test the tissue, and a week is not bad, it took two weeks for my results.

RunDrums said...

OUCH!!!!! and you said you do this type of thing once a year?? well you have me beat! my horsey accidents seems to come in 5 year spurts.
Hope you start to feeling betting.
So which horse zigged while you zazzed??

Kim said...

Golly Cuz,
I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Do I need to come take care of you? You know I will if you need me. Glad to hear Dad is doing well and saying prayers for a negative on the biopsies. Give him my love. Holler if ya need me.

Paige said...

Well you know me Rundrums, I am an over achiever in virtually every sense. If I count things that are not my fault re: horse related injuries, it probably is about every five years.

In this case, tehre was no zig ag--just me running my mouth and leaning back turned aronud, and he walked forward. Walked may be a little tame, but he did not buck run or anything serious---I just fell plumb off.

Cute huh?

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