Monday, April 7, 2008

I am not so dangerous after all

other than to myself, that is, but that is another story. Here is proof that after all these years, I have not killed Madison off, and that Ralph has been here for more than a month and is still quite healthy. In fact, he is downright pleasant, and will even carry on a nice conversation with you when you talk to him.

He is not the boss of the place, that is for sure, he and Mister had some words tonight, and it was like a ball of pissed offed ness, with hairflying and screeching to beat the band.

What do you make of that Jackie? He is nice, comes when you call him and is not terrorizing anyone. Crazy, huh?


Camille said...

What a nice picture. They both look very happy!

Holly said...

Madison is a cutie. Need another cat, got several at the barn to choose from! You could start your own bob tail line!

Paige said...

I ALWAYS need more cats, just not black ones and I do not need any more boys. I have one man that is intent on whipping the ass of any other man that comes around--even Ralph who is fixed for Petes sake. I love the bobtail ones too. Calicos are my favorite, but I love white trim as well.

Madison is a cute kid, but sometimes when I look at these pics I take, I realize how much she is growing up. She is going to be a beautiful woman someday, not just in looks but becuase she is so smart and funny. It still makes me sad to see her growing up, for some reason

Julie said...

That is a cute pic. Madison looks so sweet & innocent in it, not at all like she would call a yearling "numbnuts"! Jackie must have just made that cat a numbnuts & now he is fine :-)

Julie said...

You know my momma has those bobtail cats & a bunch of calico ones at that! My daddy will be more than happy to bring you as many as you want when he comes back to cut more wood with BS!

Anonymous said...

How sweet-----caring-----

and thanks for sharing


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