Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aries update

Today when we went to turn Aries out, I saw the tiniest dot of wax on the right side---but not worth keeping her in for. I planned to bring her in tonight, but Barry said she was bering a witch and running from him. He waited for her to come to get a drink, and would go to catch her and off she would shoot like a bat out of hell. At least it is nice out, but I sure hope she does not foal outside tonight--I worry about her since she is a maiden, and she was not particularly nice to Triton trying to make friends out in the pasture. It is giving me some concerns about how she will treat her own baby.

Anyway, she was full of it when she got out, I got some funny pictures.


Robin Sallie said...

Looks like the horses are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's having her last spurt of energy before birthing. Good pictures.
I'd say you put in a very productive weekend.
Love you,

Holly said...

look. at. that. belly for crying out loud. She should not be able to move like that! Looks a total witch in a couple, striking out and invisible ears!

Paige said...

She was just playing hard and running like a loon---she is a total sweetheart.

I do think this pregnancy is wearing on her though

theCloth said...

I must say that this is the first time I've seen a pregnant horse. I'm learning a lot about horses and dogs on these blogs.

Thanks :)

Camille said...

That is my kind of girl! Looks like she is ready to pop :)

Holly said...

oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean that she was/is a witch, just that she's acting (as in pretending) to be one. You wouldn't keep a bad tempered mare and I'm .sure. she wouldn't be passing that along!

Julie said...

That is one big momma! Great pics.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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