Friday, April 11, 2008

Triton is such a card

I still am not content with that name--but I cannot come up with anything better. So that is who he is for the time being.

This is one funny kid. He has two speeds---full bore and stock still. With both actions, he hollers as loud as he can--and he sounds like a goat, which throws me off my game. And he hollers A LOT---I wonder if he does it around the clock, or only when there is someone around. I saw him yell for ten minutes while I took these pictures, and I am sure he wanted his mommy--she had gone to imaginary dinner. She did not care a bit about him, but when he would not shut up, she at least went to his section of the pasture and shushed him. It did not help.

Tonight Barry said he went on a tear running in and out of the bullshed area hollering his fool head off, and running like his ass was on fire. Of course, he was yelling the whole time.

What is it he has to say that is so important? I can hardly get a picture of him without his lips flapping


Anonymous said...

First: ask Bree for a name again.

Second: he is "complaining" cause he wants a REAL name.

Third: he is beautiful and funny


The pictures are beautiful

Holly said...

there is sumfun about that kid that grabs me. Gosh I like him.

Anonymous said...

He does appear to be talking.
I love the audience pictures. They look very natural.

Jamik said...

He is so handsome! Too funny about him hollering all the time. Sounds like his mama makes good use of her "tune out" switch.

Lorna said...

Bree says, "Joker"
I suggested, "Jester" (cause he's such a clown)
And the big nasty, says "Screech" from the tv show Saved By The Bell -

Now there could be an entire blog entry as to WHY the big nasty watched and knows so much about Saved by the Bell - but, not sure we want to dig deep into that... haha

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