Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have arrived in the millenium!

The best thing happened--when I got home from work on Friday, Barry had hooked me up with some new Verizon cellular broadband service!~ Yes, I have been suffering from dial-up all these years, it has been hell. You just cannot imagine how awful it has been.

So I am all hooked up, and completely amazed.

I really needed a nap, my self was hurting really bad, and I needed to rest. Barry went to take Sly to the farm for his conjugal visit, and rather than lay down, I played on the computer. Just as I was going to go to bed, Jenna called and asked us to meet them for drinks since they had their first un-related babysitter EVER for Sam, and were out for a couple of hours.

So we ran up to meet them for a bit, until their dinner company came. Jenna was sure excited about this big step with Sam, who was thrilled to be home with Lindsey--I think he has his first crush---four is probably the right age for that , isn't it? Rusty and Angela came as well, and I got some reasonable explanation for why my front and side hurt so much from Angela, who is an orthopaedic surgeon. Her verdict is that another two weeks or so is what I have in store--while that long surprises me, I am glad to have a timeline at all. Then Bill and Jennifer arrived, and it is always good to see them. By the time dinner rolled around an hour later, I hurt too bad to go, so I came home and played on the computer some more. By this time, I had a plan knocking around in my brain.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go with Julie and Charlie to a local horse sale about an hour away--I don;t care about the junk horse going through there, but the other junk is fun---ropes and leads and brushes and my favorite thing--rubber feed pans, I can always use more of those and the big old honking ones are so expensive if you can even find them. I had not even been to that sale in a year, so it was fun to see everyone that regularly attends. Afterwards, we shopped some, ran some errands, had dinner, and put my plan into action by checking out laptons at Best Buy. We found a DEAL, so we bought a Toshiba

This is serious business, do you understand me? SERIOUS. Now, not only will I not have to waste hours sitting at my computer waiting thirty minutes for one freaking email to download, I can, I can sit in the big chair and get things done fast! I am so excited, you just cannot know.

I am so glad Barry got me all hooked up with this business, I feel like a new person! I almost fell asleep sitting at it last nite, getting all my links in it, etc. There are some quirks but we will work it out eventually. The best part is being able to look at Aries on the foalcam and actually get real live action instead of frozen up mess that times out of me.

Today we had breakfast with Mike and Jenna and Sam--our first outing to a restaurant with Sam ever, I think and definitely the first time he ate. It was fun, but I had to rush off to work the last show of the season at Hutch's and just got home.

The big news of the day is that it freaking SNOWED today. In April. Seems like a good reason to go to bed to me


Anonymous said...

Hmmm! ! ! so glad you are WITH US in the millenium.

Yes, I have been there and done that with dial-up service. Not only was the computer slower than molasses but the telephone had problems too----when it "came up out of the ground, over the creek, and back down in the ground.! ! "

Of course we expect even GREATER messages and pictures from you.

enjoy your new toy!

Holly said...

SERIOUS indeed. When I went from dial-up to dsl I didn't know how I had done it with dial up for so long!

*Sarah* said...

Holy crud you've been on dial up all this time!!!! Up until college I had to deal with the pain of dial up AND sharing the computer with about 4 people. At my dad's place he still has dial up, which seriously, and almost sadly, is probably the #2 reason I don't like to stay there for more than a few hours. I guess that means I am addicted or something.

Amy B. said...

Holy Cow - Dial up - I never knew that! Pretty impressive blogging given that tidbit of info...Glad you're up and running on DSL...hope you get better soon from your injuries....and no more crazy stunts before Belize! :)

Amanda said...

You finally took the plunge. What will you do with all of your free time now that you don't have to wait for downloads.

It's practically orgasmic!


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